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Sick Sideways

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the crew at Sick Sideways! ...

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Who We Are

Sick Sideways is a full-service motorsports company based in Sebring, FL which currently competes in the INDY Car Pro Racing Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Championship. Sick Sideways has won two consecutive MX-5 Cup Championships.  We offer race car build/preparation, rentals, transportation, maintenance, trackside support, setup services, driver coaching, marketing/media services, race car storage, Dynamometer Testing, Front and Rear Alignments, exact vehicle weights, and more.

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Sick Shopping

Prepare to make your racing dreams a reality!  Whatever you need to get there, we have it!  Please take a moment to look through our catalog of parts and find what you need at a great price!  Also, whatever you can not find we can order it for you and get it here as soon as possible.  Additionally, we can install it on your car or truck for you at a great price.

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Sick Builds

Sick Sideways is able to Custom Build any race car configuration you need.  It could be an SCCA Car, Indy Car, Street Racing, Off Road, IMSA Car, Exotic Car, Superlite Aero, whatever you have or need.  Also, we can install the best racing engine components for high engine performance and the best handling components for outstanding handling performance.  We can also tune the car for optimum handling and perform Dynamometer tuning to obtain maximum performance.  In addition, we also fabricate custom roll cages and install other safety equipment like seats and six-point harnesses and whatever is required to meet the safety guidelines. Making Your Dreams A Reality!  

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Racing Car Rentals

Sick Sideways has top of the line Mazda ND MX-5 Racing Rental Cars available.  If you would like to race but do not want to have all the concerns that go with owning your own race car.  Then we have the solution for you.  Why not rent the race car and all the logistics are covered for you.  We will provide a dynamometer tested top quality race car.

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