Racing Car Rentals; Mazda ND MX-5,

We take ALL the Hasel Out of Racing!   You Get Pure, Racing, Driver Focus!

Top of the line Mazda ND MX-5 Racing Rental Cars are available at Sick Sideways.  If you would like to race but do not want to have all the concerns that go with owning your own race car.  Then we have the solution for you.  Why not rent the race car and all the logistics are covered for you.  We will provide a dynamometer tested top quality race car.  It will be serviced by high-quality technicians.  It will pass all pre-race inspections so you do not have to worry about those issues.  Transportation is provided for the car and all that is required for operating a high-performance racing vehicle is available.  In addition, all trackside maintenance including brakes, tires, wheels, bearings, and fuel is provided for your racing car rentals.  Furthermore, all track specific chassis tuning is provided.  Additionally, driver specific chassis tuning is available. 


Also, you can get the very best driver instruction available to gain an advantage over the competition if you desire.  Sick Sideways Racing provides a Top-Of-The-Line racing car rental experience with everything provided so you can focus on WINNING!  In addition, all safety equipment is provided and maintained on the racing car rentals.  We even provide a First-Class comfortable location to take a break between races. This is where you can enjoy refreshments, snacks, and Cool-Down or Warm-Up.  

Also, you can review any racing data and video data with your driving coach.  Finally, this all can be enjoyed, while you focus on the driving.  In the meantime, during your break, your car is being prepared for the next event without you needing to lift a hand.  Truly, this is the way to Race!  Join a Team that has outstanding track support and lots of fun while learning and competing.